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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God Of War 2 Cheats

God Of War 2 is the second series in the advent of the God of War, where when Kratos again lost his power. Here I will give a little feedback about the secrets that exist in the game Adventure God Of War 2, we just see the cheats and interesting tips.

God Of War 2 Cheats

 God Of War 2 Cheats

Before the "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" screen appears, hold L1 + L2 + L3 + box + circle.
If you enter the code correctly, the letters on the screen will turn purple. -From: Larry Solinger Challenge Of The Titans Mode Successfully complete the game to unlock the Challenge Of The Titans Mode.Arena Of The Fates Mode Get "Titan" ranking in Challenge mode to unlock Arena Of The Fates mode. Titan Mode Successfully complete the game to unlock the difficulty settings Titan.

Cod Of War: Successfully complete the game.Hydra Armor: Successfully complete the game.Dark Odyssey: Successfully complete the game on God's difficulty setting.Athena: Successfully complete the game on Titan difficulty settings.Hercules: Successfully complete the game on Titan difficulty setting.General Kratos: Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes. God Armor: Get "God" ranking in Challenge Of The Titans Mode. Completion of bonus Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting and save when prompted. Start a new game on the same difficulty or lower settings to have all weapons including Blade Of Olympus and magic at the level achieved during the previous session. In addition, the "High Resolution" and "Story Format" movie options and "Credit" option will be opened in the "Treasures" menu.Bonus Combo If you get a million hit combo, the secret website will be revealed. The website is www.islandofrhodes.org. It is possible to perform a million hit combo as soon as you defeat Euryale and have limited magic. Instead of using Head Of euryale to kill five enemies by turning them into stones and destroying them, use Cronos' Anger to earn a million hit combo. -From: Dallas4life04Gas 

Mm From Gaia: This is found in Rhodes (first level). Grab the stone blocks that you push with the golden bird above, which you need for the first break to get some Red Orbs, and thrust between Kratos and the gate. While Kratos is on the button to open the gate, kick the block to the other side and then quickly roll under the gate. Then, push the block to the right and you will see three chests on the ledge in the background. Push the blocks into the area and double jump, then lift yourself up. This Mm allows you to get ten times the number of Orbs from normal.

Mm From Gorgons: Once you get the Golden Fleece, retreat to the conveyor belt with the Gorgon eye stuff that turns you into stone, then reflects the beam back on them. There will be three chests, one that holds the Mm. This Mm allows your weapon to turn an enemy into stone.

Mm Of Olympus: Near the area where you get the Fate Spear, take the time to slow down the statue and push it near the edge of the water from which you first came. Try to make it so you can start when decelerating from the other side of the pool. Then, press R1 in another pool and roll it into the room where Mm is located. This Mm gives you limited magic.

Mm Of Prometheus: This is found in Atlas. When it hangs from its armpits, you have to destroy two stalactites to continue, but also one more you can break. Break it and then follow the hole until it finds the red chest and the Mm. This Mm gives you unlimited Anger Of The Titans.

Mm Of Fates: Successfully Complete The Challenges Of The Titans Mode with a "Mortal" rating or better. This MS extends the combo given your meter time so you can do a higher combo.

 Mm Of Poseidon: Successfully Complete The Challenge Of The Titans Mode with a "Spartan" rating or better. This Mm allows you to exchange Crono's Anger with Poseidon Angry. Health Gift Prize: When you get to the area where the second translator jumps from the ledge to avoid reading the book, place the fate statue with the gate at the end of the hall. Go through the time-bound mirror, freeze time, then turn back to where the statue was originally. Open the chest that is now there to get the Health Gift. Gifts Magic: When you are almost to the area where you have to burn the Phoenix feathers (the part where you ride on a rope above the lava and enemies shoot the rope down and you have to climb on the walls and sky -later then to get to the next spot), as soon as you turn the corner, where you have to jump over the lava and fly, take the reverse bow and shoot the wall below a few times and it will open, revealing the Magic Gift. Hidden mini-game Part way through Rhodes (first level), you will drop down to the house / sauna area type bath. Instead of continuing and diving down, jump out of the water into the surrounding area. There must be two broken screens. Behind one of the screens are two topless women.
 If you walk into them and hit Circle, a sexual mini-game will start where you have to complete a series of keystrokes. After you complete the mini-game, you will get Red and Green Orbs. You only get Orbs once, however, you can play as many mini-games as desired cover art. Hidden Slip covers out of the game case and look back to find an alternative cover art. -From: Dallas4life04 Orbs Easy As soon as you defeat Euryale, you will get unlimited magic to use with your new skills. To complete part of the game, you must kill five enemies by turning them into rocks and destroying them. However, if you face the back wall and position yourself directly in front of the spawn center, you can cast Cronos' Rage, right roll, cast again, rotate back to left twice, cast again, and repeat. You can build big combos by doing this to get lots of Orbs. Once you get 2,000 hit combo, break the combo off (not thrown for about four seconds) and start again. You will get more than 1,500 Orbs for every 2,000 hit combos. To get more Red Orbs easily, upgrade Blade Of Olympus to level 2. Then, hold L1 + Circle to use the blade shield to emit and suck in Red Orbs from the enemy alive.
 Once they have been drained, kill them to get more. Easy Cyclops Eyes Whenever Challenge 1 in Challenge Of The Titans Mode is successfully completed, you will get one Cyclops Eye. You can repeat this as many times as necessary. Opening Arena Of The Fates, then making three Cyclops and they respawn and not attacking to get twenty quick Cyclops Eyes. When Bowmen (a little penguin-like creature with ax) calls Cyclops with their horns, only Kill the Cyclops and not the Bowmen. Once you rip Cyclops' eyes out, the Bowmen will call the other Cyclops. You can continue doing this until you get all twenty Cyclops Eyes. Using Golden Fleece Once you get the Golden Fleece from Cerberus Cursed, you can use it to block and reflect enemy attacks by pressing L1 at the right time. However, if you continue to press L1 as soon as possible, you will usually block and restore most of the attacks. Protect the Translator This trick is very useful on God or Titan difficulty settings. As long as you have to protect the Translator from three enemy waves, there is a way you can do it a little easier. For the first two waves of the enemy (wave before the part when Kratos drops the Translator and kneels next to the book), you can hide behind the cage and hit the enemy, taking little or no damage. Once you catch it and walk out the cage for the first time, there will be a break sequence that releases the enemy's first set. Back in the cage and pull the stone off switch. Then, use the L1 Hammer attack in the air or L1 + Triangle to hit the enemy with a wave of Hammer attacks.
 After the first set of enemies is done, walk towards the middle to activate the second set. Just slowly. Once you see the enemy appear, run back behind the cage and pull the stone off again. Repeat the same process and you should be able to avoid the hits. Beat Theasus Use the following trick during the second part of the battle with Theasus. When he is on the roof and calls the creature to attack you, lead them around until he summons up the ice pillar. Then, roll to avoid them but make sure the animal is stuck under when the ice pillar is called. By doing this, they will get hurt and eventually die.

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